Biopsy Punch


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Biopsy Punch – skin punches from Faroderm®
- Extremely sharp stainless steel blade
– Made in Germany
- Sterile disposable instrument with protective cap
- Very good price + quality
– Billable as practice supplies in many regions
– medical device (CE 0481)

in 6 different sizes:
2 mm PZN: 11293666
3 mm PZN: 11293672
4 mm PZN: 11293695
5 mm PZN: 11293703
6 mm PZN: 11293726
8 mm PZN: 11293732

Quantity: 10 Pack

Faroderm Biopsy Punch are available in the medical device stores and pharmacies.

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The cylindrical cutting of the skin punch is placed on the anesthetized skin and driven under rotation by epidermis and cutis to the subcutis.
The result is a standardized, accurate skin sample of the entire cross-section of skin, ideal for the histologist.
Application areas of Faroderm® skin biopsy / Biopsy Punch: diagnosis, for removal of defined skin biopsies, eg: ·Cutaneous neoplasia · Melanocytären nevi · bullous diseases· Inflammatory dermatoses · seborrheic keratoses ·panniculitis Therapeutic, to remove such. B .: · Tattoos ·Fremdkörpereinsprengungen · Talgretentionszysten · ticks
+application information
The punch biopsy with the Faroderm skin punch (punch biopsy) is a standardized method for obtaining skin samples. 

The skin biopsy is more than the removal of a piece of tissue.It is a diagnostic process that is composed of many steps that require the utmost care, from the selection of the appropriate biopsy technique and fixation and processing of the material to the analysis of microscopic changes by a competent dermatopathologists. At the beginning and at the end of this process, the clinician is. He wears one hand the responsibility for indication, informing the patient about the procedure and – after its approval – the removal of a representative piece of tissue, on the other hand he must correlate and combine them into a final clinical-histopathological diagnosis histopathological report with the clinical picture. Gr undkenntnisse in dermatohistopathology are therefore essential in order to exploit the potential of skin biopsy optimal.

Application of Faroderm skin biopsy (biopsy punch)

first skin area to prepare

the intended skin area with alcohol to sterilize.

2. Skin anesthetize

a solution of lidocaine HCL inject 1% subepidermally At the site of the planned withdrawal.

3. punch biopsy with the Faroderm skin biopsy (biopsy punch)

Hold the skin biopsy between thumb and forefinger and using light pressure and a rotary motion pierce the skin to the fat tissue.
Remove skin biopsy from the skin, take blood.

4. removal of the skin sample

Lift the skin sample with an anatomical tweezers and gently with a scalpel to separate cleanly at the base.

5. A suture
wounds press <4 mm carefully together and sealed with plaster.
Wounds> 4 mm with seam clips or adhäsivem pavement close properly .

Faroderm skin punches (Biopsy Punch) as a sterile disposable instruments, are available in the following sizes:
2/3/4/5/6 and 8 mm

The punch biopsy for safe diagnosis in dermatology

The experienced dermatologist recognizes many diseases because of their typical skin lesions by visual diagnosis. For more information the physician obtained by scanning (palpation) of the affected skin areas and by the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope.
A skin biopsy (tissue sample of the skin) is always required if to be examined histologically in unclear diagnosis (eg psoriasis or lupus erythematosus) cells, or always to rule out a tumor in a skin lesion. The dermatologist removes the tissue under local anesthesia using a special circular skin biopsy (z. B. Biopsy Punch Faroderm) or a scalpel.

The removal of a tissue sample by skin lesions of unknown origin is the diagnostic tool that is used most frequently in dermatology generally considered Stanzbiopsie-.
The method is so to speak the gold standard in the diagnosis of skin diseases. It is the only “diagnostic imaging” of the affected tissue in the cell group.

When should a biopsy be performed?

A rule of thumb when a biopsy is taken from, there is not.

Experience shows that a punch biopsy (z. B. with Biopsy Punch Faroderm) but should always be carried out if

– skin lesions have a neoplastic appearance.
– dermatoses seem completely unusual or very severe.
– A differential diagnosis is essential.
– within three weeks not Appropriate therapy

– A local corticosteroid therapy should have passed at least 3 weeks.
– Avoid secondary modified lesions: The skin manifestations should not
be changed by external influences (such as scratching or rubbing) as hierduch the assessability may be significantly restricted.

Where should a biopsy be performed (biopsy site)?

Biopsies are at their best assessed when the lesion -what isnt always possible is recognized as a whole. In neoplasms, the localization of the procedure should be chosen so that at least a small piece of healthy skin is detected with. This gives the histopathologists the opportunity to assess the tumor boundary that may be critical of malignant neoplasms benign for differentiation. In inflammatory dermatoses, however, is discouraged from including healthy skin, but the biopsy should be at the center of most inflamed area. This is at the nodes or plaques mostly the center of the lesion, wherein the annular lesions inflamed rim. In inflammatory alopecia, the site should be chosen with the most pronounced erythema, since biopsies from scarred areas show only residual changes that do not allow specific diagnosis. Normal skin should only be included in the biopsy if the comparison of affected and non-modified skin is crucial for diagnosis such.As in vitiligo.

What diameter should have a biopsy?

The punching diameter (z. B. of Biopsy Punch Faroderm) varies between 2 and 8mm.
However, the use of 2 mm cutting should be done only in exceptional cases. The only indication, the biopsy is for cosmetically sensitive locations such as the face.
Usually genu¨gen punching diameter of 4 mm.Histopathological assessability of smaller punch biopsies – even with a diameter of 3 mm – is often difficult or insufficient and provides for the
(dermatomyositis) pathologists often a diagnostic challenge, so that many surgeons recommend punching of at least 5 mm in diameter.
6 or 8 mm skin punches are z. As used when the product must be halved for additional diagnostic measures such as immunofluorescence or microbiological tests.

Always use new, sterile disposable skin punches (eg from Biopsy Punch Faroderm.), As older, already used cutting can cause crush artefacts and tissue defects.